ABOUT P.N.T Mechanic

P.N.T Mechanic Co.Ltd is producing and supply automotive parts and also designing the made to order for industrial parts and equipments.
Our main products: Bushing. Axle, bolt and piston valve for machining steel. And supply REM plastic automotive parts: Door handle, oil cap, plastic clip and window handle for many major car manufacturers.




- Automotive and Motorcycle metal machining parts.

- Automotive plastic parts such as door handle, window handle, oil cap and interior clip.

- We provide several of CDI units for motorcycle.

- Design and supply for warehouse systems and equipments such as Racking system, steel pallet and Mezzanine floor


Our Factory

Factory is located at Nongsang, Nakornnayok province Thailand the area is 16 Rai 33 Ngan and 88 square yards.
We work under the ISO 9001-2000 certificate and also customer’s satisfaction with our more than 18 years experienced in producing automotive parts.

            We have 150 workers and 122 machines (13 CNCs included) which can support the big volume production. Our engineering team can support you to design specific parts both automotive and other metal work.
To ensure that our customer always receive quality and precision parts. We inspect our products with international QC and QA standard before ship goods to customer.

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